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These meetings have been recorded LIVE throughout the past several decades. Although the content is intended to be truths expounded from the scriptures, these ministers and teachers are only men, blessed by God, but nonetheless they are men and as such DO NOT claim infallibility. It is your responsibility to search the scriptures daily to see whether these things are so.

Further to the above, this web site is the exercise of a private individual and NOT that of any local assembly, church or para-church affiliate organization. It is the exercise of myself to provide a means that the truths of God's Word would be readily available in an easy to listen to format for ALL who would desire to learn at the feet of our Lord Jesus... rightly dividing the Word of Truth. I have received help from certain individuals in the construction of the web site however I am solely responsible for its development and publication.

May our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ bless you through this audio ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit. May you be edified, encouraged, comforted, exhorted and if necessary rebuked through His glorious Word.

Should you have questions or comments regarding this web site please e-mail me directly. Should you have technical difficulties, please email the webmaster. Both e-mail address are listed below.

Your servant in Christ,
David Zaharik